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'Wild Green' album is in production!

Greetings! The 'Wild Green' crowdfunder was a huge success. We surpassed our goal of £5000 to cover production costs and have now recorded and mixed all of the tracks for the forthcoming album.


We are at the now stage of mastering 'Wild Green' and are currently making plans for a single release in Autumn 2024, followed by a full album release plus live dates in Spring 2025.


CROWDFUNDER BACKERS: We did it! A huge thank you to you all! Our gratitude is immense and two-fold; your investment in us so early in the process makes this whole journey possible, giving us the means and belief to complete our vision for the album; secondly, we must also thank you for your patience! If we have not already been in touch, we will be in contact to ensure your rewards are fulfilled, and so that you are in touch with all future developments. 

Best wishes,

Rich, George, Alice and Will

03.04.24 UPDATE 


TunedIn.London concert, City Hope Church, 30.09.21 Photo by Miguel Santos

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